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Brilliant breeds require complex treatment

Ear Taping

Ear Taping

There are many methods of ear taping - as long as it gets the results is all that matters. You can also combine or alter methods as you go along.

When we crop the pups, we glue in double faced foam tape (used for window insulation) on the inside of the ear cut to the shape of the ear. Effective and cheap- available at most Dollar Stores. See the picture with the pup on the white ornate chair. Note: One must use ‘instant dry' glue to work. This foam support stays in for 7 - 10 days while the ears edge heals. By leaving this edge to the air it heals quickly. Any method that covers a cut edge will almost always end up with infection, so beware of this at this stage. Once the edge is healed one can wrap or cover the edge with no problems for short periods of time.

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House Training

House Training

Always let your puppy out after:

  • He sleeps
  • He eats
  • He plays

Always praise your pup when he is doing the right thing. Dogs are a pack animal and learn almost everything by tones of voice. They look to you as their 'pack leader' for instructions, much like children.

You will find it easier if you confine his area in the house until he understands what is expected of him. Example: a kitchen with access to an outside door. Baby gates or temporary blockades to other rooms can eliminate house training frustrations.

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Puppy Care

Puppy Care

Your puppy should come with it's first set of shots and deworming and will require two more boosters spaced one month apart. Thereafter, yearly vaccinations are needed along with an annual veterinary check-up.

Neutering of both sexes is best by 6 months of age (before hormonal maturity) for an ideal pet. The procedure can be done by your local veterinarian. Behavioral aggression, scenting territory, and wandering are all reduced or eliminated completely by neutering. This surgery does not cause obesity in dogs.

Dogs' nails should be trimmed or filed every 3 - 6 weeks. If a nail bleeds, it can be stopped with 'Quik Stop' or with a nitrous stick such as men use for shaving nicks.

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