Care & Health Tips

Brilliant breeds require complex treatment

Always let your puppy out after:

  • He sleeps
  • He eats
  • He plays

Always praise your pup when he is doing the right thing. Dogs are a pack animal and learn almost everything by tones of voice. They look to you as their 'pack leader' for instructions, much like children.

You will find it easier if you confine his area in the house until he understands what is expected of him. Example: a kitchen with access to an outside door. Baby gates or temporary blockades to other rooms can eliminate house training frustrations.

'Umbilical training' can be used to control the pup in other rooms, that is, to attach a leash to your belt or chair while you are in that area.

Dogs like to have a room or den for their own 'space'. A plastic or wire crate is ideal for this. This provides safety for both pet and owner's personal property when pup is unsupervised. Also dogs do not tend to mess where they sleep.

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About the Breeder

Donna Smith is a professional dog breeder with over 30 years experience and specializing in the two magnificent breeds the German Pinscher & Doberman Pinscher.

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If you're interested in a current litter email or call us by phone. To reserve a puppy for a future litter please fill our our "Breed Inquiries" form and we'll respond promptly.

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