Not all recessive coat pinschers have a problem

My experience has been that there are remedies available, if there is dryness or loss of some coats in the colors, more-so the blue/tan and some fawns. Often the vets try to treat the coat "from the outside in, rather than the inside out"; which I find more successful. Special shampoos, etc is often what the vets recommend.

I have found skin-hair supplement Vitamin programs more effective.

Omega 3's content, etc, such as "The Missing Link" - a vacuum packed granular additive to food. Or a liquid called Veterol X – in a litre size can be added to regular ration. Some find just a high quality food like ORIJEN, or similar, are sufficient. One owner of a blue used Cod Liver Oil to keep his male looking good.

Coat dryness is often affected by climate, as is our skin, being drier in winter months, so it may be an on and off thing. Coastal regions may have less than interior areas due to higher moisture content in the air.

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