Our Facility

Located south of Edmonton, we invite you to come visit

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    Our Facility

    Located just south of Edmonton, Alberta, we invite you to come visit and meet ‘the dogs'.

    The current plans aim for a few spring litters and one fall litter of German and Doberman Pinschers.

    Most of the breeding adults live in permanent homes around central Alberta to give them a full life and still maintain a varied access to quality proven breeding lineages.

    The scheduled females are bred once a year when mature at about 2 years and the various stud dogs return to the kennel for a few days when needed as well. The females whelp and raise the litter here before returning home. Most females raise 2 or 3 litters in total before being spayed and retired, with choice prodgeny replacing them in the breeding program.

    Therefore, the dogs have the highest quality of life for their happiness while still contributing to the breed's existence.

    The kennel offers indoor heated facilities with in and outside attached roofed runs. Outside are large, grassy pens with access to half to one acre exercise areas all completely chain-linked fenced and cross-fenced for safety purposes. If room permits, boarding is available to our customers.

    There is a map for directing you to the kennel, but please phone first to ensure we are home at 780-986-6877 or by cell at 780-257-6877.

    Contact Us

    You have questions? That's why we're here.

    About the Breeder

    Donna Smith is a professional dog breeder with over 30 years experience and specializing in the two magnificent breeds the German Pinscher & Doberman Pinscher.

    Breed Inquiries

    If you're interested in a current litter email or call us by phone. To reserve a puppy for a future litter please fill our our "Breed Inquiries" form and we'll respond promptly.

    Contact Details

    • PHONE 780.986.6877
    • EMAIL hello@tri-pinscher.com
    • FACEBOOK@tri-pinscher
    • TWITTER@tri-pinscher

    Location Info

    • 30 mins south of Edmonton
    • Leduc Country
    • Alberta, Canada
    • Please call for directions