Our Philosophy

Breeding the finest German Pinschers is my love and passion.

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    Breeding the finest German Pinschers available has been my love and my passion for over 15 years. I believe they are truly the most intelligent dogs that have ever graced this planet, I honestly do think they are the PERFECT DOG.

    There are quite a few things that set us apart from many of the other current German Pinscher breeders. We raise our dogs in a family environment. Each of our dogs are socialized with family, friends, children, horses, chickens and other animals and are allowed to be part of our family, this makes a better dog for your family. German Pinschers can make excellent family companions and at the same time are superior family guardians when called upon.

    While many of the other German Pinscher breeders today work to breed a German Pinscher for the show ring, larger than the old world standard for the current fad in shows, and reportedly are having temperament problems; we have continued to breed to produce a German Pinscher that is in all ways; correct size, sound temperament, and more, that is true to the original German Pinscher breed standards. We strive to produce dogs that will not only be great companions, can do well in dog shows, earn high score in obedience trials and all agility games and/or personal protection, as they have excelled in all of these areas.

    We also try to produce all four colors of the breed as is in their genetic code from the beginning. The commonest color being black and tan tends to be a more dominant character, while the recessives tend to be mellower.

    Because of our excellent bloodlines we can offer a full 3 year health guarantee with each of our dogs. Each dog is fully vet checked and health guaranteed.

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    About the Breeder

    Donna Smith is a professional dog breeder with over 30 years experience and specializing in the two magnificent breeds the German Pinscher & Doberman Pinscher.

    Breed Inquiries

    If you're interested in a current litter email or call us by phone. To reserve a puppy for a future litter please fill our our "Breed Inquiries" form and we'll respond promptly.

    Contact Details

    • PHONE 780.986.6877
    • EMAIL hello@tri-pinscher.com
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    Location Info

    • 30 mins south of Edmonton
    • Leduc Country
    • Alberta, Canada
    • Please call for directions