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Hi Donna,

I absolutely am in LOVE with this breed! They are more than enough for energy but in a manageable way and very dedicated to their master!

Mia can be off playing, and bouncing around like a deer on steroids but if I say "Come" she's making her way back....Its like she was waiting for me to call her all along!

I love that I can take her anywhere, I love that she is so sweet and affectionate to me and other people, but when we are at home and someone new comes to the house she gives them that eye that makes me feel safe having her! She hardly ever barks unless there is a purpose but tells me a story everyday after work when I get home! She has soooo much personality that she makes me laugh 24/7.

Mia has been awesome to train, picking up on new things very quickly and sometimes even without me teaching it on purpose! Mia plays with 6 kids on the block all under the age of 7 with no issues, and that means so much to me! She can play with any dog, small or big!! I never am concerned about what Mia is going to do because she has such a great disposition. She was 10 weeks old when we went to our first horse show and I just had to laugh because we were in the middle of the warm up area with probably 20 horses walking/trotting around and here was Mia laying stretched out by my feet asleep....she couldn't care less because she was just so comfortable and confident in herself and me! She spent the nights in hotels, she spent her days meeting lots of different people and animals, and not once did I have to get upset with her, concerned or feel like bringing her along was a bad idea. It was the best idea!! And she wiped away every reservation I had about "what could go wrong" because she was just a great super star!!!!

Donna, I feel blessed, honoured and very privilege to own this breed of dog and highly recommend this breed for an active family or person! I know that I will continue to own an German Pinscher just because of the breeds intelligence, attitude, playfulness, spunk, super-fantastic personality, and of course how beautiful they are in looks! She is text book perfect and I thank you very much for her!

Andrea and Princess Mia!!

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Donna Smith is a professional dog breeder with over 30 years experience and specializing in the two magnificent breeds the German Pinscher & Doberman Pinscher.

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